Backstage Reason Why WWE Wants To Keep Talent Injuries A Secret

As noted recently, Tyson Kidd is believed to have suffered an injury during his match with Samoa Joe prior to WWE RAW on Monday night.

Kidd’s injury, which is believed to be a spinal injury, resulted in him needing medical attention after the match was over.

Apparently, WWE has a new policy of keeping injuries a secret if they can, with the mindset being that if the knowledge of how long a star is injured and on the sidelines gets out, it will ruin the surprise factor of when and where the talent will be returning.

Although there are no specific details on Kidd’s injury, it is said that this is a case of WWE trying to keep the details quiet. We can confirm that Kidd is hoping to avoid surgery and expects to eventually make a full recovery.

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(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)