Backstage Notes From WWE SmackDown; Information On Triple H’s Commentary

Last weeks WWE SmackDown was certainly a very unique show, which featured no audience and backstage notes from the taping has provided more information on how WWE put things together.

A new report by has revealed plenty of information on how the show was put together and what decisions WWE made.

According to the report, WWE had a crew of dozens to help prep for the show, and there were several wrestlers who were brought in to the PC but didn’t actually appear on the show.

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Triple H played a big part in the success of the show with his role on commentary providing a lot of entertainment. According to the report, there wasn’t initially meant to be as much of Triple H as there was. More guests were set to be featured, but because of the social media reaction, a decision was made on-the-fly to have Triple H be on commentary all night.

Finally, it was noted that Friday was a feeling out process as WWE tried to work out how to handle the situation. The plan as of Saturday is for tonight’s WWE Raw to be different from what WWE SmackDown was.

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