Backstage News On Who The TNA "#August1Warning" Mystery Man Could Be

There has been a lot of discussion as to who the mystery man behind the “#August1Warning” video is since the clip first appeared on the official TNA YouTube channel. Several TNA stars have commented on the clip, and fans have been guessing who’s behind the video since Friday.

Apparently one of the leading candidates is former TNA X-Division Champion Low Ki. According to one source, however, the former “Senshi” is absolutely not the voice behind the mysterious video clip.

Another top guess is former NWA Champion Adam Pearce. Pearce has been making references to August 1st on his official Twitter account since the video first premiered. While it could be a coincidence that Pearce is simply feeding into, it’s certainly possible he could be the guy behind the video, as his TNA Gutcheck played out in a way that would leave the door open for an organic return to TNA storylines.

Another top choice is Jeff Jarrett. Apparently the only active TNA wrestler following the “#August1Warning” mystery man is the co-founder of TNA Impact Wrestling himself.

Other guesses, for those interested, include Hardcore Holly and John Morrison.

This Friday, on TNA Impact Wrestling, the guessing will cease, and the man will reveal himself. Until then, TNA promises to reveal a clue if the initial “#August1Warning” video reaches 250,000 views on their official YouTube channel.

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[Credit:, The LAW]