Backstage Details on WWE Schedule Changes When Smackdown Moves to Fridays

— With the move to FOX, WWE has yet to comment on if Smackdown will continue to air live or be taped on Tuesday but they actually haven’t commented on the deal at all. The belief is that the show will be live on Friday as most don’t think FOX would shell out that sort of money for a taped show, especially with their emphasis on live programming.

— If true, this will change a lot of things for WWE logistically as it will involve a much higher workload for those involved in television as it would essentially be two different trips per week. However with the additional revenue, it’s possible WWE will simply hire as many new people as they need or incur additional costs just to make sure this happens.

— The likely scenario with both being live is that both shows will be on a Friday-to-Monday cycle with a live Smackdown and a Raw house show on Friday and a live Raw and Smackdown house show on Monday. Both house shows would take a hit from an attendance perspective going against the TV shows, but WWE doesn’t really care about attendance these days.

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