Austin Aries Takes Shot At WWE, Lionheart Hypes World Of Sport Return, Simon Miller Injured (Video)

Following his victory over Moose during IMPACT Wrestling’s Slammiversary, Austin Aries took to Twitter to take a shot at WWE.

Aries bragged about his victory, claiming that nobody is on his level, challenging anybody who thinks differently to challenge him. Austin Aries then took a shot at WWE by adding…”If your boss will let you.”

Nobody’s at my level. Period.

If you disagree, you’re invited to come prove me wrong…if your boss will let you, of course. #TheTruth #AndStill #ADoubleLevel#TheBeltCollector #TheOralAssassin #TheCompletePackage #TGMTEL#ProWrestler #ProWrestling

— Austin Aries (@AustinAries) July 23, 2018

Lionheart Hypes World Of Sport Return

World Of Sport returns this Saturday on British Television and Lionheart has been hyping the show, saying there is no ego, just men and women wanting success.

No ego, no “us and them” mentality… Just a country of men and women wanting the same great success for everyone as much as themselves…

July 28th is #BritishWrestlingDay

— LionheartUK (@LionheartUK) July 23, 2018

Simon Miller Injured

Defiant Wrestling’s Simon Miller confirmed his injury during a recent interview with What Culture. Miller, who works for What Culture has been recording his journey as a wrestler with this blow being the latest installment.