Austin Aries On Process Of Signing With WWE, Transition To Announcing & More

NXT Superstar Austin Aries recently appeared as a guest on “Ring Rust Radio.” Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On the process of signing with WWE and the possibility of transitioning full-time to an announcer role: “The signing process [with WWE] can be a little drawn out obviously. From initial contact and finding if there’s interest and having some meetings, where you fit in, what the opportunity is, and then being such a large entity there’s a lot of paperwork and stuff involved with background checks. It’s a drawn-out process, but it’s well worth it obviously because once you get there, it is the pinnacle of what we do.”

On performing for multiple high-profile promotions such as Impact Wrestling, ROH and NXT: “I have been fortunate to perform for lots of different companies in different promotions all over the place, but at the end of the day, this is the top of the iceberg. To finally achieve that after my journey was rewarding and created a whole new opportunity for me in front of a larger fan base and people who maybe don’t know anything about Austin Aries and here’s the opportunity for them to find out.”

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On enjoying the opportunity given to him by WWE to do some announcing while sidelined from in-ring action due to his gruesome eye injury: “I had a lot of fun doing that and it was a new opportunity for me. I learned a lot and I got to work with some cool people that I would never have had the chance to work with as an in-ring competitor. A lot of respect for what those guys do. There’s a lot going on that people don’t know about in those headsets while those guys are trying to manage while they are also trying to narrate a story.”

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