Amid Growing Calls to Abolish ICE, Sanders Calls for Abolishing America's Entire 'Cruel, Dysfunctional Immigration System'

Highlighting the fact that America’s inhumane treatment of immigrants reaches far beyond the despicable behavior of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)—an agency that a growing number of citizens and lawmakers have said they want to abolish—Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) argued in a series of tweets on Tuesday that Congress must go further and “abolish the cruel, dysfunctional immigration system we have today and pass comprehensive immigration reform.”

“Bernie calls for abolishing our entire immigration system, which is honestly way further to the left than solely abolishing ICE.” —Max Rivlin-Nadler, The Appeal

“That will mean restructuring the agencies that enforce our immigration laws, including ICE,” Sanders wrote, noting that he opposed the establishment of ICE in 2002. “We must not be about tearing small children away from their families. We must not be about deporting DREAMers, young people who have lived in this country virtually their entire lives.”