Ahead of Paris, Unparalleled Coalition Demands Global Fracking Ban

Activist groups are launching demonstrations around the world on Tuesday to warn global leaders ahead of the upcoming United Nations-sponsored climate talks that extreme fossil fuel extraction methods like fracking must not be part of any international pact to address global warming.

Marking the broadest effort ever orchestrated to oppose controversial extraction methods, over 1,200 groups from around the world have signed a letter to policymakers calling for a global ban on fracking—a false solution, they say, which has no place in an agreement designed to lower emissions.

In Washington, D.C., activists planned to deliver the letter as part of a rally staged outside the White House.

“President Obama should go to Paris as a real Climate Leader in Chief,” said Wenonah Hauter, executive director of Food & Water Watch. “The only way he can show true and necessary leadership during the negotiations next month is to stop facilitating the greenwashing of fracking and to do everything in his power to move our nation quickly towards a renewable and energy efficient future.”

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Organizations in a total of 63 countries are preparing for similar actions, collectively referred to as the Global Frackdown to Paris.

The letter demands “bold action” by heads of states and members of parliament, not just be setting ambitious emissions-reduction targets, “but also by explicitly addressing the fundamental, science-based need to keep fossil fuels in the ground.”

“Specifically, we call on you to reject [fracking] and the use of acidization for oil and natural gas production and all of the related infrastructure,” the letter continues. “Instead you must take action to move aggressively to a 100% renewable energy future, which is necessary for remediating global warming and ensuring climate stability.”