23 blocks of Copra Morpho Piacenza!

Block, service and Maxwell Philip Holt were the key to the victory of Copra Morpho Piacenza over Yoga Forlì in the 6th round of return in the Italian Serie A1.




The first two sets between Piacenza and Forlì looked the same: Piacenza plays a good volleyball in every element and they take the lead, moreover Holt shines in service and block, from the other side Giacomo Sintini tries with Vigor Bovolenta and Guillermo Falasca but they are not able to gain on the team from Emilia-Romagna. In the 3rd set, when everybody were expecting the last act of Piacenza, the team from Forlì woke up. They played well and didn’t make errors. Set won by Forlì. The 4th set played point by point and eventually won by Piacenza thanks to Maxwell Philip Holt who gained 23 points (10 in block and 4 aces) in the whole match and was chosen the MVP. From Forlì the best scorer was Falasca with 26 points (24 in attack).

In the classification after the 6th round Copra Piacenza is on the 11st place with 22 points, while Yoga Forlì closes the table with 6 points.

A very exciting match took place in Modena where the hosts, Casa Modena, played with the winner of the Italian SuperCup, Bre Banca Lannutti Cuneo. Modena lost its first tie-break in the season (after 8 won). The match in good rhythm and big intensity, played practically always point by point in front of 3.000 spectators. The best scorer and the MVP was voted Angel Dennis from Modena (24 points gained). From Cuneo the best was Simone Parodi (21). After this round Cuneo stays on the 2nd position (45 points) in the classification, Modena is 6th (29).

Daniele Bagnoli said: – Of course we played well and made a progress, but I’m angry because such matches are to win. Cuneo probably wasn’t in “good shape” and we were still making too many errors. We are on the good way, but now we have to win and get points.

source: legavolley.it

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