Deadly Heatwave Kills 11 and Hospitalizes Thousands in Japan

A deadly heatwave sweeping Japan has killed at least 11 people, including a mascot in an amusement park, the government has said. The 28-year-old performer collapsed at an Osaka amusement park while wearing a 16kg (35lb) costume during a rehearsal Sunday evening, the Japan Times reports. The Hirakata Park entertainment venue said it would cancel […]

Singaporean Broadcaster’s Advertisement Prompts ‘Brownface’ Controversy

Singapore’s state-owned broadcaster apologized this week for an ad campaign that sparked accusations of “brownface” after an ethnically Chinese actor darkened his skin to play characters of other races, Agence France-Presse reports. The advertisement for an electronic payment system featured Singaporean actor Dennis Chew portraying four different characters, including what appeared to be an Indian […]

Hong Kong Protesters Disrupt Trains During Morning Rush Hour

Hundreds of protesters disrupted subway stations across Hong Kong during the busy morning commute Tuesday, blocking carriage doors and preventing the trains from leaving. Harried passengers faced transportation chaos as groups of demonstrators flooded the platforms and forced service delays or partial suspensions. Protests have rocked Asia’s financial capital for eight consecutive weeks in a […]