Dems Accuse DNC Of Racism for Tightening Debate Requirements

A handful of Democrats believe that the Democratic National Committee’s decision to tighten debate requirements will create blowback for black people and help the party’s “white male gatekeepers.” “The DNC’s new rules, coming so early in the cycle, will amplify the harm done to diverse candidates by a political elite — from pollsters to talking […]

Russia Reportedly Conducting Low-Yield Nuclear Tests

U.S intelligence suspects that Russia is no longer adhering to an international treaty that prohibits nuclear weapons testing. Click Here: bape jacket cheap The results of a U.S intelligence assessment released Wednesday constitute the first time that the U.S has accused Russia of not adhering to stipulations under the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, according […]

7 Dead and 21 Missing After a Sightseeing Boat Capsizes in Hungary

(BUDAPEST, Hungary) — Seven people were confirmed dead and 21 remained missing early Thursday after a sightseeing boat carrying 33 South Korean passengers and two crew members collided with another vessel and sank in the Danube River in downtown Budapest. Rescue officials said seven bodies had been recovered. Pal Gyorfi, spokesman for the National Ambulance […]

Israel’s Parliament Votes to Dissolve, Triggering Snap Election

JERUSALEM — Israel’s parliament voted to dissolve itself early Thursday, sending the country to an unprecedented second snap election this year as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed to form a governing coalition before a midnight deadline. The dramatic vote, less than two months after parliamentary elections, marked a setback for Netanyahu and sent the longtime […]

‘Brute, Naked Fear.’ How Bashar Assad Is Using His Family’s Old Tactics to Regain His Grip on Syria

In August 2014, weeks after rigged elections returned Syrian President Bashar Assad a mandate to continue holding the office he had inherited from his father, Syrian border officials denied American-Lebanese journalist Sam Dagher re-entry into the country. A senior Wall Street Journal correspondent and the last Western reporter permanently based in Damascus, Dagher had reported […]

Boris Johnson to Face Court Questions Over Brexit Claims

(LONDON) — A British judge ruled Wednesday that former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson will be summoned to court over allegations that he lied and misled the public during the Brexit referendum campaign in 2016. District Judge Margot Coleman said Johnson will answer questions about his possible misconduct in public office, when he claimed Britain contributed […]

Experts Say ‘How Much’ Is the Wrong Way to Assess Screen Time

Way back in the late 1990s—not long after home Internet use became widespread in the U.S.—researchers started turning up links between time spent on computers and poor mental health. A 1998 study in the journal CyberPsychology and Behavior found heavy internet use—defined as 38 hours or more of non-work, non-school online activity—was associated with “significant […]